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Realtors ask me all the time, “Do I really need to have a Blog?” I always envision the realtor in 1983 who said, “Do I really need a cell phone?” or the realtor in 1990 who said, “Do I really need to have a computer?” or the realtor in 1997 who said, “Do I really need to have a website?”   It’s easier to see in hindsight how important each of these innovations has proved to be in the business of real estate.  Can you imagine doing business with out a cell phone in today’s market?  Of course not, it is a valuable tool that saves you time and money.  It helps you to close a deal in a quicker more efficient way than how business was performed before the cell phone age. 


Blogs are also an efficient tool that can save you time and money, and they can be instrumental in helping you to attract new clients.


Blogs perform three major functions for realtors if they are done correctly.  Blogs can:


  1. Raise your name and your business ranking on Google and other search engines.
  2. Position you as an expert in your area of interest.
  3. Provide prospective clients with the ability to “interview” you on a 24/7 basis.


The next generation of home buyers and sellers rely on the internet as their number one tool for research about subjects ranging from bubble gum to real estate.  If you aren’t harnessing this tool to direct traffic to your door you are literally missing out on one of the greatest business revolutions of our lifetime.  Don’t miss out on this incredibly power and inexpensive tool.   

Blog!  It does a business good.



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Priorities aren’t sexy. Madison Ave. doesn’t have a Cleo award winning ad campaign for successfully setting and living with priorities. We all have priorities, even my four year old. His priority is to play with Legos whenever possible. Knowing other people’s priorities can be an excellent negotiation tool. All I have to do is threaten to put the Legos away and suddenly I have a wonderful compliant little boy who cleans up after himself.

When you become a mom your priorities shift – did I say shift? Change that to pack up and move to another country. I have a hard time remembering what my priorities where before my son and I can not conceive of a day when he will not be my number one priority. I acknowledge the day will come. I just can’t picture what it looks like. In the meantime I move through my life, knowing that on the top of my personal manifesto is the care, love and feeding of a luscious little boy named Jem.

I would passionately argue that I am no less of a businesswoman for this shift in priorities; in fact I believe the contrary is true. I am more driven because of my son. My timelines might be different, but my goals are loftier and I am one hundred and fifty percent motivated to achieve. All for the love of a little boy.

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Kids and Food

by Shannon Penrod

I have this theory that people like to play out their inner conflicts by stressing about what other people’s children are or aren’t eating. I have friends who have little girls and they confide that their sisters and mothers and mother-in-laws, constantly comment on how the little girls aren’t eating enough to sustain a bird let alone a human child. Then there are those of us who have boys and I hear from my friends in that camp that same barrage of comments comes in about how much the little boys eat, that concern has actually been raised that one or two of the boys might actually pop!

I am in yet another camp because of all of the restrictions on my son’s diet. We are gluten free, casein free, corn, yeast, potato, sugar, artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners free. We also don’t do apples, grapes, strawberries or watermelon anymore. I know, what does it leave?

Actually, my son eats like a horse, and it’s mostly healthy. But with all the restrictions you’d think I would get a pass on comments about his food. Oh No! I come from a long line of compulsive eaters and the fact that my son can’t have sugar is a tragedy of Homeric proportions. We are talking about full on wailing and gnashing of teeth over it. He’s not having sugar, if this is the worst thing that happens to him in childhood, we will have cause to celebrate!

My question is, “Why is it such a big deal, what kids eat?” Maybe when we make such a big deal about the food we send the wrong message. I would love it if my son grew up eating enough to fill his belly and not more or less out of some false feeling of obligation to eat or not eat the right amount.

If we need to obsess about what and how much our kids are eating maybe we should be obsessively grateful that we are able to feed our kids. As I write this, I am aware that there are mothers all over the globe who are stressing because there is no food to put in their children’s bellies. If we need to obsess, maybe we should obsess about fixing that. Something to think about.

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