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by Shannon Penrod

Well the verdict is in and I don’t agree.  James Durbin won’t be the winner of American Idol 2011 but there are some contests that are even more important than Idol and as a proud Autism Mom I know that James Durbin has already won them. 

James Durbin

Not to take anything away from the other contestants, I’m sure they have all overcome some adversity to get where they are, but I know first hand that it can’t compare to what James has surmounted.  He is a true champion.

He stood in tears at the end and proudly said that he had done what he had come to do.  I think that’s true, James, but I don’t think it was to give metal a chance.  Okay, maybe that was part of it, but you also gave a lot of us hope.  To watch you sing every week, to watch you own that stage lifted my heart and reminded me that all things are possible.  You helped me and thousands of other mothers remember that dreams don’t have to be deferred by Autism.  You were brilliant, and the “Autism thing” was incidental, a foot note…irrelevent…what a lovely gift. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

James Durbin, you are my American Idol.  I will buy your records and I will go to your concerts and I will listen to metal.  Rock on my friend!

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Say what you want about Paula Abdul but she added two things to American Idol that are tragically missing this year, sexual tension and the overwhelming anticipation that absolutely anything could happen at any moment.  Of the two sexual tension is infinitely more important.  It’s evident that the folks a AI are aware of this too.  First they’ve had Kara all but . herself on Simon. Ewww!  Kara is married, Simon is engaged, and then there’s the whole Casey/Cougar thing. Is it just me? I kind of throw up in my mouth every time I think about it.  Then this week Ryan had that creepy eye contact moment that tried to accomplish sexual tension and suspense.  Instead he had Simon and the rest of us thinking about restraining orders.  Creepy!  At least with Paula when the show went off the rails it was kind of cute, kind of tragic.  Like when a baby tries to dress itself and keeps putting their pants on their head.  Ryan bypassed cute, overshot tragic and dove right into “I’m off my meds and everyone should be afraid…very afraid.”

To the producers of American Idol  I would say, the answer is really quite simple.  Ellen needs to go back to sitting next to Simon.  The show where she sat on his lap and nuzzled him, well it’s not the same as the half asleep puppy dog eyes that Paula used to throw Simon, but it’s the closest thing we’ve got.  There needs to be sexual tension.  How many times have we learned this?  Can anyone say “Moonlighting?”  I rest my case.  Move Ellen so she is sitting next to Simon and let her tease him like he’s a shitzu standing outside a meat packing plant.  You and I both know that he’s not getting in, but it makes for interesting television.

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