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By Shannon Penrod

100_7385Thursdays this Summer” (my plan to entertain and educate my child on a budget) began today with a trip to The Skirball Cultural Center.  What a great way to start the summer!  The two exhibits on Comic Book Super Heroes  were really fun for the kids.  They got to dress up in Super Hero costumes, draw their own comic book character and check out a lot of vintage artwork. 

The real hit of the day was the amazing Noah’s Ark exhibit!  The entire exhibit was hands on and interactive.  I love it when a docent says, “Make sure you touch everything!” 

All of the animals are sculpted from reclaimed materials in the exhibit 100_7438so there are layers to the enjoyment.  While the kids were pulling levers to create lightning, wind and rain the adults got to stare in wonder at an alligator fashioned out of a tire, a glove and a violin neck. Amazing!  The entire exhibit was ingenious, captivating and deliciously educational.  Yippee for Thursdays this summer!  And did I mention it was FREE!  Yes, Free!  Every Thursday the museum is open for free  – there wasn’t even a parking charge.  Thank you, Skirball Center for a wonderful day!

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Priorities aren’t sexy. Madison Ave. doesn’t have a Cleo award winning ad campaign for successfully setting and living with priorities. We all have priorities, even my four year old. His priority is to play with Legos whenever possible. Knowing other people’s priorities can be an excellent negotiation tool. All I have to do is threaten to put the Legos away and suddenly I have a wonderful compliant little boy who cleans up after himself.

When you become a mom your priorities shift – did I say shift? Change that to pack up and move to another country. I have a hard time remembering what my priorities where before my son and I can not conceive of a day when he will not be my number one priority. I acknowledge the day will come. I just can’t picture what it looks like. In the meantime I move through my life, knowing that on the top of my personal manifesto is the care, love and feeding of a luscious little boy named Jem.

I would passionately argue that I am no less of a businesswoman for this shift in priorities; in fact I believe the contrary is true. I am more driven because of my son. My timelines might be different, but my goals are loftier and I am one hundred and fifty percent motivated to achieve. All for the love of a little boy.

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