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Something I heard yesterday made me mad.  So mad that briefly I turned into Mathilda the Mad Mommy Monster, she is the Mom equivalent of the incredible Hulk.  When ever some thing involving children and children’s rights is wrong of unfair I seem to get a big estrogen jolt and at least in my mind’s eye I get superhuman powers, bloat up, turn green and feel like I could step on small buildings and crush them.  At least that’s what it feels like.

Having said that, and we can all sense a Mad Mommy Monster rant coming on…..I want to make one thing perfectly clear.  I am not anti –vaccination, I am pro parent choice.  I am not a scientist, I am a Mom, the jury is still out for me on vaccines.  But I whole heartedly believe in parent’s rights to choose what goes in their children’s bodies, and I am a super supporter of Mother’s instincts, which I believe transcend science.

Okay, end of disclaimer, on to the rant!

A good friend sent me an email yesterday that she has to take her 4 year old in for vaccines, because she was told that he can’t go to Kindergarten without them.  She said she didn’t want to do it, but he has to go to Kindergarten.  Apparently the principal himself told her that her child could not be admitted without the proper vaccinations.

This is a lie. It is a lie that is being told to parents all over the country.  You do not have to have your child vaccinated to send them to school.  Parents all over the country have stood up to the lie, and the schools when challenged have let the children attend school without vaccinations.  I talk to women all over the country who have been faced with school officials who have told them there is no way around it – the child has to be vaccinated, and when the parent would not consent there was always some form in a hidden drawer that the parent or the child’s pediatrician could sign to waive having the vaccines.  I personally have had to do this.

I understand what the schools are trying to do.  They are trying to keep “herd percentages” on vaccines.  In order for a vaccine to be effective there has to be a certain percentage in a herd who actually get the vaccine, once that percentage is reached there is an assumption that there cannot be an outbreak.

I think what makes me mad is the school’s coercive methods assume that we as parents are not smart enough to know our rights.  No one can force you to vaccinate your child.  Consider religions who do not believe in using certain medical technology.  The courts have never been successful in forcing parents to treat their children unless there were dire medical consequences and even then the courts have not been successful in all cases.

If my friend was scientologist do we really think that the principal would turn her child away and refuse to allow him to attend kindergarten without the vaccines?  No, because that would be unconstitutional, and the principal knows that.  A little piece of paper would be taken out of the dark hidden drawer, the parent would sign their refusal to vaccinate and everyone would go on their merry way.

But principals and school officials all over the country are telling parents lies in the hopes that they will just be intimidated into being in the “herd”.  I’m not a fan of lies, especially where my child is concerned, and I really don’t appreciate it coming from a professional who claims to have my child’s best interests at heart.  It makes Mathilda the Mad Mommy monster really angry!

My point is, where your child is concerned follow your instincts.  Don’t believe everything that nice people in suits tell you, and don’t take anyone’s word for what is right for your child.  Take the time to educate yourself and make the decision that is right for your family and your child.

If you want more information about vaccines, alternative vaccination schedules and how to minimize any possible negative effects of vaccinations, I suggest visiting Generation Rescue.

Mathilda the Mad Mommy Monster signing off!

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